WP5 Catalogue

This is a community-oriented catalogue of CIRs observed by STEREO/HI, with their main parameters, from 2007 to 2015 (minimum through maximum and early declining phase of solar cycle 24)./p>

This is version: 01 of the catalogue, released 2015-12-14. (DOI: *** still in draft ***)

The catlogue can be downloaded in several formats (Fixed format ASCII, JSON, VoTable XML)

SIR blob launch date range
ID Date
SC Speed
Speed Err
Beta Err
Carr Long Src
HAE Long Src
Carr Long CH
Carr Lat CH
Carr #

The catalogue contains the following columns:

IDThe unique identifer for the observed CME.
Date [UTC]The date and time of the first observation of the CME in HI1 camera.
SCThe observing STEREO spacecraft, (A=Ahead or B=Behind).
Speed [kms-1]Speed of blob
Speed Err [kms-1]Error on the calculated SIR speed
Beta [deg]Angular separation betwenn probe-Sun line and the blob prop
Beta Err [deg]Error in Beta.
Carr Long [deg]Carringthon longitude of the source pont = anchor point (latitude assumed =0)
HAE Long Src [deg]HAE source longitude
Carr Long CH [deg]Carrington longitude of closet coronal hole (by eye search)
Carr Lat CH [deg]Carrington latitude of closet coronal hole (by eye search)
Carr #Carrington rotation number

This is where we will display additional event information such as images.