WP2 Catalogue

This WP provides the foundation for the HELCATS project, through the production of a catalogue of CMEs in the heliosphere. The catalogue is produced from manual inspection of STEREO/HI data. Please see the release notes for the catalogue. (DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.1492351)

This is version: 03 (draft) of the catalogue, released 2015-12-09. The previous formal released version is available via the DOI given above. Version 03 extends the coverage to include events observed during 2014.

The complete catlogue can be downloaded in several formats (Fixed format ASCII, JSON, VoTable XML)

Date range
ID Date

The catalogue contains the following columns:

IDThe unique identifer for the observed CME.
Date [UTC] The date and time of the first observation of the CME in HI1 camera.
SCThe observing STEREO spacecraft, (A=Ahead or B=Behind).
L:N Indicator that CME extends beyond the northern edge of the field-of-view (< for sc A, > sc B, blank if edge within FOV).
PA-N [deg] The most northern position angle of the CME span.
L:S Indicator that CME extends beyond the southern edge of the feld-of-view (> for sc A, < for sc B, blank if edge within FOV).
PA-S [deg] The most southern position angle of the CME span.
Quality A measure of "good", "fair" or "poor", that indicates the quality of the CME observation and confidence that the eruption is by definition a CME. It is recommended that Poor events are not used for CME based studies.

This is where we will display additional event information such as images.