WP2 Catalogue

This WP provides the foundation for the HELCATS project, through the production of a catalogue of CMEs in the heliosphere. The catalogue is produced from manual inspection of STEREO/HI data. Please see the release notes for the catalogue. (DOI:10.6084/m9.figshare.5803152)

This is version: 06 of the catalogue, released 2019-03-18, last updated 2024-03-08. The latest version includes events to the end of February 2024 on STEREO-A. Note that there is a gap of approximately 1 year in STEREO-A data from October 2014 when the spacecraft passed behind the Sun. Data from STEREO-B are not available after Septmeber 2014 since contact with the spacecraft has yet to be re-established.

The complete catalogue can be downloaded in several formats (Fixed format ASCII, JSON, VoTable XML)

Date range
ID Date

The catalogue contains the following columns:

IDThe unique identifer for the observed CME.
Date [UTC] The date and time of the first observation of the CME in HI1 camera.
SCThe observing STEREO spacecraft, (A=Ahead or B=Behind).
L:N Indicator that CME extends beyond the northern edge of the field-of-view (< for sc A, > sc B, blank if edge within FOV).
PA-N [deg] The most northern position angle of the CME span.
L:S Indicator that CME extends beyond the southern edge of the feld-of-view (> for sc A, < for sc B, blank if edge within FOV).
PA-S [deg] The most southern position angle of the CME span.
Quality A measure of "good", "fair" or "poor", that indicates the quality of the CME observation and confidence that the eruption is by definition a CME. It is recommended that Poor events are not used for CME based studies.

This is where we will display additional event information such as images.