HELCATS Coordination

The HELCATS project is overseen by a Project Coordinator who is the point of contact to the FP7 programme and who takes formal responsibility for the project.

The detailed direction of scientific and technical issues (and also some of the day-to-day running of the project) are managed by the Scientific and Technical Manager. Both the Project Coordinator and the Scientific and Technical Manager reside at the lead institute.

The Executive Board, which is comprised of the Project Coordinator and the Scientific and Technical Manager, will act as the project management team, with responsibility for monitoring the progress of the project and ensuring that decisions taken at all levels are implemented.

The HELCATS Steering Committee addresses the coordination and strategic development of the project and as such is comprised of the scietific leads of each institute, the memebers of the executive board and work package leaders. The Steering Committee will have formal responsibility to approve the quality of deliverables.

The members of the Steering Committee are listed below:-

Name Institute Role(s)
Richard Harrison STFC Project Coordinator, WP1 lead, STFC lead, EB, SC
Jackie Davies STFC Scientific Manager, WP2 lead, EB, SC
Jason Byrne STFC Technical Manager, SC
Christian Möstl UNIGRAZ WP4 lead, UNIGRAZ lead, SC
Alexis Rouillard UPS WP5 & WP6 lead, UPS lead, SC
Volker Bothmer UGOE WP3 lead, UGOE lead, SC
Luciano Rodriguez ROB ROB lead, SC
Jonathan Eastwood IMPERIAL WP7 lead, IMPERIAL lead, SC
Emilia Kilpua UH UH lead, SC
Peter Gallagher TCD TCD lead, SC
Chris Perry STFC WP8 lead, SC